About Us

We started in 1983 with a goal: better customer software solutions for various kinds of businesses. Today we are one of the leading information and Technology Company creating applications networking infrastructure and consultancy in KSA. Thousands of businesses are using Data Ocean Venus software solutions


An idea is born to start a software house providing affordable integrated business solution to various activity ranges of companies based on DOS platform. Data Ocean Venus Software Systems came from an idea to enable a simple ERP catering for accounting, warehousing and payroll software solutions that are suitable to core areas of businesses


Data Ocean launched the Microsoft Windows based Venus ERP software solution; which provide a wide range of high-quality software solutions, including flexibility, user friendly, better functionality, easily accessible and affordable business software


In early 2001, Data Ocean becomes A Najia Abdullateef Jameel Company, a group company that managed by a professional business company in Saudi Arabia


Data Ocean launched the Microsoft Web based Venus ERP software solution. Which provide a wide range of high-quality web software solutions that have more flexibility, usability, functionality, easily accessible and affordable business software


With Venus Web based software solution, we focused on scale, customization, integration and development. A brand-new open framework system made on top of the system user friendly environment catering for your favorite business apps. Advanced support tools, enhanced reporting generator and easy integration capabilities made Venus systems the software your organization could grow with

Executive Message :

In 1984, Data Ocean launched a new vision specially to achieve leadership in the field of information technology, and despite the difficulties and challenges that have passed, it has always proved to be above the challenges, making it the top among all competitors in different sectors

Based on our philosophy that our client is the driving capital of every development and progress we have seen, our vision and our relentless efforts to cover all our customers' IT needs have been embodied

As a result, your choice of Data Ocean as a partner is the right choice and I thank you for this choice and I am sure we will always be at your best

Please accept respect and appreciation

Aladin Hamzah

General Manager

Why Dataocean

Our Vision

To become a prime performer, in providing quality Business and medical Software solutions in the competitive field

Our Mission

To provide continued customers satisfaction, by providing out the best in technology with top quality

Our Values

At Data Ocean, the values we stand by have made us who we are today. They've shaped our culture, our work ethics, and our decisions; helping us push the envelope and be more than what we were yesterday

Customer Focus

We are dedicated to providing high focus to all the contracts without any differences irrespective of size, profitability or criticality. All the clients are equal and important to us


Year Experience




Hard Workers

What you can do Us

Increase your revenues and profits

Measure and optimize to create better strategies and tactics using standard MIS and standard reports

Increase Brand Reputation

Provide a wow customer experience and get more referrals through your happy customers

Optimize Productivity

Leverage automation flow across departments to ensure optimum productivity levels for your team

Reduce Inventory Leakages

Maximize your inventory control to ensure that you have tight control and optimal reorder levels

Increase Visibility

Use Audit Trails and electronic workflow to track everything in your organization

Easy to Use & Learn

Simple and user friendly features that allow new users to quickly start using the software with ease

Cloud Enabled

No expensive hardware. No managing the IT infrastructure. Host the entire solution on the cloud

Technology Solutions

When you invest in a Data Ocean solution, you invest in a highly proven, flexible, and progressive technology platform that scales to meet your aspirations

Business ERP Solutions

A web-based VAT compliant ERP application. It is an intelligent application with simplified IT infrastructure that modernizes and accelerates your daily business operations. It gives companies the best tools to automate their critical processes, allowing management to focus on new market opportunities

Healthcare Management System

Healthcare Management System provides the most versatile, Comprehensive and integrated information system. It Contains the perfect solution for the client’s essential business requirements to manage your hospitals, polyclinics, pharmacies, healthcare centers effortlessly

Student Financial Management System

Is a system for fully managing the student financial operation in the school through several stages, starting from students waiting List, student's interview, student's approval, procedures of payment of fees and printing of the payments invoice and voucher. Also, the system manages the distribution of students in the classes and considering the permitted ages and the capacity required for each class and more.

Point of Sale (POS) System

suitable system for companies or institutions that have multiple points of sale such as supermarkets, selling clothes, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies and other business activities that need to deal with customers directly through their various outlets. The Data Ocean POS Management System is designed to ensure the speed of performance and ease of dealing with the nature of the work of cashiers and more.

Real Estate System

Real Estate System helps you organize your real estate units, adding a new real estate unit within a particular property, with full details. You can also view and sort the units according to the owner of the unit, the name of the tenant or the name of the property and the presentation of the leased and non-leased units, and each unit has its own file containing all its data and pictures and all the leases - collections - expenses - revenues - financial movements and alerts Which was done on this unit and more.

Hotel Management System

Data Ocean is specifically designed to cover all hotel's management needs including but not limited to reception management, reservations, room management and its details, room services management, hotel facilities management, and customer management. With full integration to the Data Ocean ERP system through an integrated hotel system

ITSM Solutions

Data Ocean provides you with the best resources IT filed that help you achieve your targets. Being certified in many technologies and competencies, you can rest assured that your data, setup, and IT infrastructure is in safe hands

Custom Software Applications

Automate your business processes with advanced technological solutions with one of the top custom application and software development services in the market. We devise solutions to your biggest organizational challenges and help you maximize your productivity. Our team of expert software developers capable of developing systems that can simplify even the most complex business workflows

Our Project Implementation Stages

Fast Project Initiation

With an account manager in place, the coordination is made easy. With a strong understanding of the industry and domain of our clients' things moves faster based on well-defined processes

Well-Defined Processes

We follow industry best SDLC process to smoothen the project tracking and delivery as per the commitment. We will customize these processes as per client needs to make it more scientific or to make is straight forward

Customer Centric Project Management

We are efficient in managing projects and can follow PMI or Prince2 standards. Our approach is to keep our client’s interests on top. We will simplify the PM methodology as per the customer’s convenience

Efficient Communication

We prepare a customized communication and escalation plan to keep all the stakeholders of the project on the same page. In addition to Project status, all the risks and issues are communicated so that we mitigate them and keep the project progress on track


We are proud to have an expert and balanced team with cohesion and experience. We complement them with harmony and company culture



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