Data Ocean Business ERP Solutions

A web-based VAT compliant ERP application. It is an intelligent application with simplified IT infrastructure that modernizes and accelerates your daily business operations. It gives companies the best tools to automate their critical processes fast and easy, allowing management to focus on new market opportunities


Financial Accounting Management

Suitable for all types and sizes of companies, which gives the accounts better way to work with suppliers and customers, you can activate the additional properties as needed (such as analytical accounts, the management of budgets, asset management)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Data Ocean customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the best solution to improving the relationship with the company's existing customers, finding new prospective customers with back former customers. Moreover, helps the company in collecting, organizing, and managing the customer information and transactions

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Complete inventory and warehouse management starting from registration of all types of items - using barcode property - the expiration date feature - fixed-price - Periodical inventory taking - adjustments operations - Transfers between branches and warehouses in different locations with link to Data Ocean purchases, sales and financial accounting management modules

Purchase and Suppliers Management

Complete management of the purchase cycle starting from the registration of the purchase order of the items to know the available in the stores or according to the re-ordering quantity through the issuance of a purchase order for unavailable items to suppliers through the verification and registration of cash or credit purchases' invoices, whether for goods or services purchased with the possibility of adding the expenses to purchase operations, such as transportation costs, bank expenses, insurance, etc., with a direct impact on the cost of items purchased with the link to Data Ocean sales and financial accounting management modules

Sales and Customers Management

Complete management of the sales cycle from the establishment of a quotation to the customer through the issuance of a sale order for the customer, issuance of purchase order for the items in the case of non-availability and then the issuance of delivery notes for the sales orders issued to the client as agreed on the site and the amount of delivery. Issuing cash or credit invoices according to the order Sale for each delivery or for all deliveries with one invoice or multiple invoices in addition to follow up the client's balances and credit limit and the duration of payment and arrears and all related to the follow-up customer with link to Data Ocean purchases and financial accounting management modules

Human Resources Management

Encompasses a range of solutions that help manage an organization's most valued assets – its employees - in a strategic and coherent manner. Today’s HRM solutions demonstrate the progression beyond the confines of the HR department, core payroll services, and human resource management systems to managing and developing talent and Laborers (employees) resources on a global scale, both strategically and cost-effectively. Data Ocean HRM delivers the necessary software support for all employee through self-service and the electronic document workflow system with the link to Data Ocean financial accounting management modules

Features & Benefits

On the business level

Less time in the implementation of the processes.

A comprehensive system for all aspects of work and does not need to assistance programs.

Maximum utilization of human resources.

Reduce administrative and procedural errors.

At the technical level

An abundance of specialists in the development and management of the system.

Low development costs and amendment.

Lower operating costs and requirements.

Integration of the sections and automation

Automation integration processes between all ERP system modules.

Implementation of automated processes between system modules.

Provide information for each section in the actual time.

Identify responsibilities

Workflow Design: the possibility of drawing itinerary processes within each section Integration With Other sections resulting in:

Providing the time lag between Operations.

Improve management performance.

Identify the responsibilities.

Reduce errors.

Human factor

The system helps managers in applying concepts and laws of business, which is reflected in the performance of staff within the company address and improving management performance which is reflected in the performance of staff within the company:

Addressing and improving management performance.

Improving the productivity of staff.

The reduction of human error.

Applying business rules.

Responsibilities for each employee.

oCommunication and interaction between staff.

Support growth stages

The system is designed in such a way as to meet the needs of the future growth of the company on many levels, through multiple sections of the system characteristics of horizontal and vertical expansion of Companies:

Add new sections.

Add new branches.

Add new companies.

Expansion in the accounts.

Support more than one currency.

Support English & Arabic Languages.

Reports on the system

Ready reports:

Cover all parts of the system each separated from another and provide analytical data for each with ability to change report's elements to reach the required results.

Printed reports:

Used for official reports. Mostly illustrate Accounts and Balances.

Generator reports:

Stick with You in all pages including all elements, able to build thousands of reports, save, rename, share them with Users even more send them to the reports section.

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Data Ocean Business ERP System


Data Ocean Business ERP System


Data Ocean Business ERP System


Human Resources Management


Human Resources Management