Healthcare Management Systems provides the most versatile, Comprehensive and integrated information system. It Contains the perfect solution for the client’s essential business requirements to manage your hospitals, polyclinics, pharmacies, healthcare centers effortlessly. Healthcare Management Systems provided by Data Ocean company divided into three different products each supports different medical business types

doEnterpriseCare & doCliniCare

Is a web Based software application that simplifies and manage all the aspects of polyclinics and hospitals operations, eliminates paperwork and save time to focus on the quality of the medical services provided to the patient instead of managing paperwork and scattered data in different departments.


The Patient portal is a web Based software application that provides patient medical history available online to be accessed from any internet connected device.


A comprehensive spa and salon management web Based software application that automatically transfer booked appointment details into transaction with simple clicks.


Quality Control Information System (QCIS)

The system is fully integrated with the electronic medical record, out-patients, clinics, admission & discharge, ICU, nursing stations, laboratory, radiology, operation theatre, pharmacy, OB/GYN and ER modules. The system records the occurrence variance according to user-defined and indicator parameters. Also, record patient complaints and facilitate each nursing station and the medical department to store patient complaint from their system.

Out-patient Management System

The module handles all activities related to out-patient such as clinics and physicians scheduling, rescheduling of clinics, patients’ appointment, patients' repetitive appointments, reminders, cancellation, and handle all related services. The Out-Patient module is integrated with the admission module thus all patients’ basic data are utilized, allowing reception to handle all kind of services available for the patient (either on cash, credit or insurance).

Emergency Management System

Allows Accident & Emergency (A&E) staff to register patients with minimal details demographic information available at the time of registration the A&E staff can book outpatient appointments with the ability to access the patient electronic medical record.

Appointment Management System

Have the ability to make appointments for patients at any clinic in up to one year in advance and to amend or cancel the appointment as required. Also, the system allows a patient to have multiple appointments in different clinics on the same day, with the medical record routed to the first scheduled appointment of the day.

Admission and Central Registration

The main information gate for clinic or hospital; where all information or services required for the out-patients or in-patients will be registered at this point. Moreover, the admission module allows doctors to send a request for admission and reserve beds from his/her from doctor portal. Moreover, the doctor can also specify the reason for admission, procedure/s name and primary diagnosis as per ICD10 or procedures to reserve operation theatre room.

In-patient Management System

The module deals with in-patients services including admissions, healthcare packages, etc.. Also, it is linked to the (PAS) “Patient Accounting System” to reflect all the charges incurred from all services provided to the patient. The PAS and clinical services modules are also linked with the general accounting to reflect the revenue and cost of each clinic or hospital department separately.

Accommodations Management System

The system records all type of available accommodation in the hospital; define accommodations classes depending on the hospital needs. Moreover, the system records the advance payment according to procedure and room class. Also, the system displays the room and number of beds (with gender) status (vacant/occupied) along with room class. Also, the system has the ability to keeps a record of transferring patient from room/bed to other departments such as (ICU, Operation Theater, etc.) and display the patient updated location when required. When the patient discharge from the room the system automatically sends a request to the nursing administration to arrange the room for the next patient.

Operation Theater & Anesthesia Management System

In order for the Operation Theater module to function effectively and smoothly, the system is fully integrated with the electronic medical record, laboratory, radiology, blood bank, nursing systems, pharmacies, material management system, finance and other billing modules to execute its operation. This glued integration saves time and effort for the medical staff to request all the required services from any available terminal and likewise get the patient information without having to communicate with other departments. All required information about the operation theater is recorded in this module for administration purpose and future references. Thus, the medical staffs focus on their jobs and let the electronic system retrieving and saving all necessary information.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR

It represents the next step in the evolution of medical software as it relates to patient care. While practice management systems are capable of increasing overall productivity and improving bottom line cash-flow, the integration of EMR expands on those benefits by further enhancing office workflow, minimizing paper-based redundancies and automating the selection of diagnosis and CPT codes based on chief complaints. These records include examination history and the associated Lab and radiology and other requested tests. The system is designed to follow the flow of your patient visits, from patient histories and previous encounters to establishing new examination records via a series of specific templates.

Medical Investigation

Medical Investigation module allows the doctor/nurse to enter the patient's current examination observation (supported by ICD 10 Data Coding), various requests and investigations by specific data to radiology, laboratory, cardiology or neurology services and the result can be traced electronically when available. Moreover, this module allows the entry of examination history, allergies, contra-indications procedures, blood groups, and all other related information. Also, the system facilitates the doctor to view patient investigations result from the patient account and allow comparing the new results with previous results. Moreover, the system can record the final diagnosis on the basis of investigations result and facilitates to doctor to record the type of procedure to be done for the patient. Should the patient need to be admitted to the hospital, the system facilitates doctor recommendation. Accordingly, the system records the referral doctor and allow for doctor transfer from one doctor to another or one specialty to another.

Patient Billing System

• Service Orders: Is an intermediate media that allow medical staff (doctors, nurses, other hospital staff, or admission department) to save their request for follow up actions such as medical prescriptions, laboratory and radiology requests and all kinds of medical requests for out/inpatients allowing the orders to various medical departments such as (clinics, laboratory, radiology, kitchen, pharmacy, ..etc.). Thus, the patient’s account will remain unattached to this service order, unless an actual transaction is made. Since our system is totally integrated and will glue together, an instant check will take place for proper coverage/eligibility of the service requested from medical staff. If the service covered it will allow for the order otherwise the services flagged for pre-approval, the system will keep the order pending and request for insurance approval or cash payment by the patient.

• Transaction Area: Upon receiving the orders for a patient by the concerned department, the services requested will appear on the user screen. Once the service order is flagged by the user the system will automatically post the transaction which can be covered by insurance, paid cash, or posted to patient statement depending on the patient status.

• Final Invoice:1- Cash patients are directly invoiced, and payment collected on the spot. 2- Credit patient: payments are dependent on insurance deductibles or patient share.

LABORATORY: General, Biochemistry & Hematology:

Laboratory Information System automates the specimen testing and results in communication process through various steps from initial specimen entry to results reporting with all necessity checking and validations that help in eliminate errors. It can be interfaced to different analyzers and complies with HL7 regulations and guidelines.

Radiology Management system

It is a comprehensive software solution for all medical imaging tasks. Integrating with the PAC’s systems. It offers networking capabilities for basic functionality such as displaying, storing images, use liberty to radiologists for real-time image analysis and provides a uniform working environment throughout clinical networks. Moreover, image streams can be captured, stored, played, labelled and printed using a standard PC and a normal printer. Also, image(s) can be sent in electronic format by e-mail for action or consultation which eliminates the need for manual report writing thus saving time and cost of the Radiologist dramatically.

Clinical Management System / Doctor Desktop

Clinical services are rendered through various clinics belonging to the outpatient department of the hospital. The system is integrated with the appointment module allowing for close monitoring of all the outpatient appointments and clinical schedules including doctors and therapist. Moreover, the system monitors all history procedures (external & internal patients) such as investigations, lab tests, x-ray, medications, …etc. All new procedures for the patients can be requested through the doctor desktop. The doctor desktop facilitates the management of patient queue for walk - ins(without appointment) as well as patients with prior appointments, allowing for appointments to be booked and rescheduled or cancelled as required.The system also tracks no - show cases and monitor the actual time of waiting for consultation.The system allows for the initial check - up recording and consultation details. The system keeps track of each event e.g.doctor request will be monitored in the system in various stages: bending, executed, and result approval.All patients visit will be monitored in the doctor desktop through unique numbering system showing patients comprehensive query details.

Pharmacy Management system

The pharmacy system provides the pharmacist with the necessary alert signs such as allergies, and potential drug interactions. Moreover, the system standardizes the user requirements by facilitating the International Code Diseases of diagnosis (ICD 10). The Pharmacy System support online requisition to the warehouse and receive doctor online prescription for dispensing drugs. The System is fully automated from order entry for both in-patient and out-patient, followed by a robust stock management system, and integrated the link to the finance system. The system provides automated therapeutic equivalent substitution and access patient information by entering the patient medical record number. This process gives the users a fast and efficient function and provides them with total control of medicine dispensing and ensures the accuracy of the information, streamline the operation of the departments and simplify the daily routines of order entry and dispensing in order to improve the level of pharmaceutical care.

Insurance Companies Management System

This Module is closely integrated with the electronic medical records, clinics, pharmacy, stores, admission, discharge office, radiology, laboratory, patient billing, accounts receivable and other departments to execute its operation smoothly. In this module, the administrator can define all main/parent insurance company accounts, related sub-accounts, contract details, services covered/non-covered and approval processes.

Approval Claim Eligibility (ACE) Engine

This service is provided by third-party companies such as Waseel and DHS. They facilitate the communication platform for the hospitals and medical centers to electronically connect with the insurance companies and provide the required information to obtain eligibility, approval or claims. The system is fully integrated with Waseel and DHS giving the hospital and medical centers administration the luxury to obtain the requested eligibility and approval by a touch of a button. The electronic claims can be customized as per insurance companies’ requirements and supported by all documents including prior approvals, DCAF, etc.

Reports & Dashboard

A detailed reports and dashboard that manage all the system parts such as (Financial reports - Medical reports - Services reports for each department/patient - Details reports of medical claims from insurance companies - Daily income and expenses reports - Detailed patient reports) and more.

Integration with ERP Systems

Link to Data Ocean purchases, sales, HR and financial accounting management modules with the ability to integrate with other ERP systems.

Features & Benefits

On the business level

• Less time in the implementation of the processes.

• A comprehensive system for all aspects of work and does not need to assistance programs.

• Maximum utilization of human resources.

• Reduce administrative and procedural errors.

• Improve patient services.

• The system complies with Ministry of Health requirements and statistics include Compatibility with CBAHI requirements

• Compliance with the latest international health standards ICD (ICD 10), DRG, HL7, CPT, IHE, DICOM, HTML, XML, ASTM and PACS systems

• Fully integrated with insurance electronic gateway for approval systems such as WASEEL and DHS.

• Handling service coverage, deductible rules, discounts, and presenting periodic statements for medical insurance and other clients.

• Cost Responsibility Center representing each medical department to record and review all income and expenses processes.

At the technical level

• An abundance of specialists in the development and management of the system.

• Low development costs and amendment.

• Lower operating costs and requirements.

Integration of the sections and automation

• Automation integration processes between all Medical system modules.

• Implementation of automated processes between system modules

• Provide information for each section in the actual time.

Identify responsibilities

Workflow Design: the possibility of drawing itinerary processes within each section Integration With Other sections resulting in:

Providing the time lag between Operations.

Improve management performance.

Identify the responsibilities.

Reduce errors.

Human factor

The system helps managers in applying concepts and laws of business, which is reflected in the performance of staff within the company address and improving management performance which is reflected in the performance of staff within the company:

Addressing and improving management performance.

Improving the productivity of staff.

The reduction of human error.

Applying business rules.

Responsibilities for each employee.

oCommunication and interaction between staff.

Support growth stages

The system is designed in such a way as to meet the needs of the future growth of the company on many levels, through multiple sections of the system characteristics of horizontal and vertical expansion of Companies:

Add new sections.

Add new branches.

Add new hospital or clinics.

Expansion in the accounts.

Support more than one currency.

Support English & Arabic Languages.

Reports on the system

Ready reports:

Cover all parts of the system each separated from another and provide analytical data for each with ability to change report's elements to reach the required results.

Printed reports:

Used for official reports. Mostly illustrate Accounts and Balances.

Generator reports:

Stick with You in all pages including all elements, able to build thousands of reports, save, rename, share them with Users even more send them to the reports section.

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