Student Financial Management System

Is a system for fully managing the student financial operation in the school through several stages, starting from students waiting List, student's interview, student's approval, procedures of payment of fees and printing of the payments invoice and voucher. Also, the system manages the distribution of students in the classes and considering the permitted ages and the capacity required for each class and more.


Student Affairs Department

The system allows the division of the school into study's stages and classes with the possibility of adding all the data of the students and parents - Save the students' annexes from official papers in addition to issuing the summary of expenses - request to withdraw student's files - request for transfer from one school to another and the possibility of presenting a gradation for a class or student and distribution of students on the classes and more.

Management of Student's Accounts and General Accounts

The system allows you to manage student's accounts in an easy way and helps you manage the general accounts. It works as a school's accounting program by controlling the expenses and revenues of the school and follow up in detail.

Management of The School's Inventory

The system allows you to manage and organize the school's stores such as school's uniforms stores, books and tools.Moreover, the system helps to register all the stores' locations in the school, registration of items, materials of all types in each store, the possibility of inventory taking, registration of companies and suppliers, issuing purchase invoices for items and materials, issuing delivery note for tools, books or school's uniforms to each student or employee with the ability to following each item. Ability to transfers from store location to another.

Personnel Management

The system allows you to manage and organize the administrative structure of the school and organize the departments and sections of the management of personnel affairs and organize the movements that are carried out on all employees during the month until the salaries are approved at the end of each month.

SMS and Email Services

The system allows you to send SMS or e-mail to parents, send financial claims letters to student's according to his or her enrollment classes and study stages and according to school requirements.

Reports & Dashboard

A detailed reports and dashboard that manage all the system parts such as (Financial reports - admission and registration reports - student details reports - booking reports - withdrawal reports - reports of graduates) and more.

Integration with ERP Systems

Link to Data Ocean purchases, sales, HR and financial accounting management modules with the ability to integrate with other ERP systems.

Features & Benefits

Main Listings

• Types of Documents: This screen identifies the types of documents accepted by the school to prove the identity of the student and the guardian of the identity, the family book and the passport.

• Nationalities: On this screen, nationalities are determined for students accepted by the school

• Kinds of schools: The types of schools acceptable to the school are identified, such as (special, general, memorization).

• Kinds of kinship: The types of kinship available in the program that connects the parent to the student (father, uncle, brother, etc.).

• Reasons for withdrawal: To improve the school environment, the reasons for withdrawal of students for statistical purposes such as (lack of buses, difficulty of study, etc.) are recorded.

• Schools: Also for statistical purposes, the schools to which the students are referred to when going out to school are identified and also from which students are brought to school.

School Structure

• Stages: The stages that are taught in the school (such as primary, intermediate, etc.) are determined.

• Classes: The classes for each stage are selected (such as the first class, the second class).

• Division: Study classes are defined for each class (e.g. Division A, Division B).

• Specialization: Specializations are defined for each class (scientific, literary).

• Preparation of the chapters: Here are the classes are equipped and determine the capacity of each chapter and its equipment and the ages accepted within it.

Student Affairs

• Distribution of students in classes: The names of students are determined for each class in the school.

• Student Information: A screen in which students can view and edit any information.

• Updating the students' seat status: The student's seat status is determined and used at the end of the school year to identify the reserved and vacant seats.

• Withdrawal of students: From this screen, the student is withdrawn from the school with the reasons for withdrawal, if any, and the school transferred to it.

New Student Affairs

• Waiting stage: The initial information of the student through which he or she is nominated for the interview is entered.

• Interview stage: After the interview is nominated, the results of the interview and the notes are entered with initial approval to be approved.

• Admission stage: The parent is informed of the student's acceptance and confirmation of registration at the school.

• Registration stage: The name of the student is listed as regular in the school and appears on the payment screen and his seat remains uncertain until payment is done.

• Issuing a receipt of payment from the receipt of the payments screen.

Financial Settings

• Types of income: The names of the financial items, which are considered as school revenues (such as the first installment, trips, school uniforms).

• Methods of Payment: Methods of payment approved by the school (such as bank transfer, check, cash) are specified.

• Banks' Accounts: Banks are entered school accounts.

• Revenue: The value of the financial items entered for each row are determined with the determination of their liability and their acceptance of the discount.

• Taxes: The tax rate is determined for each nationality from a specific date.

• Discounts: The discount for each student is determined by the academic year and for each financial item.

• Bonds: Payments receipts are entered and transferred to finance.

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Data Ocean Student Financial Management System


Data Ocean Student Financial Management System


Data Ocean Student Financial Management System