Real Estate System

Real Estate System helps you organize your real estate units, adding a new real estate unit within a particular property, with full details. You can also view and sort the units according to the owner of the unit, the name of the tenant or the name of the property and the presentation of the leased and non-leased units, and each unit has its own file containing all its data and pictures and all the leases - collections - expenses - revenues - financial movements and alerts Which was done on this unit and more.


Real estate and property/Services Management

It enables you to manage and coordinate your work within all types of properties and tracking all financial transactions, it also provides a wide range of dynamic reports that benefits the user in many ways.

Sales/Lease Management

Gives the ability to start the selling process of all the properties (units & services) to target customers from receiving the customer request, follow up till sign the contract - Billing and follow-up services. Moreover, it provides you with the ability to managing leasing contracts with efficient automatic payment operations.

Customers Management

Managed profiles for owners and renters with complete control

Financial Management

Ensures you manage the outstanding payments and collect the lease of the contract (Bills - Invoices) as well as follow up customers financially.

Maintenance System

Monitor and schedule the maintenance of apartments and all types of real estates, through the record the details of complaints about the maintenance procedure and follow it up, in addition.

Notifications and alerts

Schedules periodic letters of notice to customers when payments are due and other matter as well as internal system notifications and reminders.

Security for information and data

Roles managed for multiple users with flexible authorities and scheduled tickets with full protection for data with internal permissions and periodic data backups

Reports & Dashboard

A fully detailed reports and dashboard that manage all the Real-Estate system parts such as (Real-Estate units' details and status report - contracts details – units' rent details - statistic reports) and more.

Integration with ERP Systems

Link to Data Ocean purchases, sales, HR and financial accounting management modules with the ability to integrate with other ERP systems.

Features & Benefits

General Features & Benefits of The System.

o Real Estate classification (Residential, Commercial, Offices etc.).

o Type of property (Buildings, Malls, Office Complex, Villas etc.).

o Issue and print rent contracts as per property and unit type.

o Notifications for due rent, contracts for renewal, empty property etc.

o Issue notification letters for an increase in rent or evacuation request.

o Issue tenant account statement.

o Create a document archival system for all property documents.

o Issue property documents to representatives and follow up.

o Property operations ratios for occupancy.

o Record expenses on the property to know actual income.

o Save pictures and videos on units, buildings and property in general.

o Tenant notification of due rent via SMS or email.

o Hijre or Gregorian calendar system implementation.

o Posting rent income debit memos on monthly or per instalments.

o The notifications pane gives a count of the number of Reservations, maintenance, Renewal, Rent Due and vacant units.

o Record owners’ data with a percentage ownership of property.

o Search for the property depending on tenant specifications.

o Rent by unit or area.

o Specify rent payment instalments (yearly, bi-annually, monthly etc.).

o Rent several units with one rent contract.

o Record Google coordinates for each property.

o There are many reports to cover all aspect of the Real Estate package.

Properties of Leases Process

o Create tenant files that contain: tenant's details, documents, leases, statement of account, payments, accompanying data, photo and emergency address.

o Preparation of lease contracts for units that contain the value of the contract and payments and maturity date.

o Print lease contracts of all types.

o The lease operations are related to payment receipt, disbursement, debit notices and credit.

o Issuing the accounts of the tenants and following the payments

o Follow up the movement of lease operations at the tenant level, especially the payment receipt.

Advantages of Real Estate System Operations

o Record maintenance requests for units and buildings and follow up the request till completion.

o Record of bookings for units by specifying the expiry date, the guarantor details and tenant details.

o Ability to extract a list of contracts that need renewal with full details and provide the ability to select property and building by type.

o An easy method for preparing types of contracts and predefined letters.

o Issuing a letter of claim to pay rent or eviction.

o Configure SMS that required to be sent to tenants for the payment request.

o Ability to print reports such as a statement of account and due rent.

All related To The Real Estate

o A quick way to access all landlord's data, including property owned, its percentage and value.

o A search screen with multiple options to find tenants to access all tenant data

o Ability to search for land plots data for details

o An inquiry screen with multiple options to search for units, the most important of which is the vacant and reserved ones

o Inquiries about various operations such as reservations, contracts, maintenance requests and financial transactions such as payment and payment receipt.

System Settings Properties

o Establishment data: Title, branches and documents such as commercial register, etc.

o General system settings such as calendar, migration type (monthly or by payment), linkage data with the financial system.

o Basic system file settings such as maintenance types, types of property, state of the property, property documentation, types of services, type of units, regions, cities, etc.

o Owner's data: general data, documents, photograph and address.

o Data of Agents and Delegates: General data, documents, picture and address.

o Issuing documents of real estate for subordinates such as Sukuk, etc. to review the concerned parties and then follow up.

Classification of Property and Input of data

o Property Category: Residential, Commercial, Administrative .etc.

o Data of land plots: their area, value, construction rate, perimeter, boundaries, location, and data of their owners and photographs.

o Building data: Area, value, construction ratio, number of floors, number of units, date of construction, expected rent and location.

o Other data such as building documents, staffing data, personnel, utilities, services and electricity meter data.

o Data of land plots in the plot charts.

o Unit data, unit type and current status (vacant / paid), annual rent and number of payments, area and number of rooms, current tenant data and former tenants, services to the unit, documentation and ownership ratios, photographs or video definitions and maintenance operations performed on it.

Properties of Property and Real Estate Sales

o Create customer files that contain: its public statements, documents, sales contracts, account statement, payments, images and the current address and address of the emergency.

o Preparation of sales contracts for units containing the value of the contract and the payments and the date of maturity.

o Printing contracts for sales of all kinds.

o Issue customer statements and follow up on payments.

o Termination of sales contracts.

o Inquiry about sales movement at the customer level, especially the payment receipt.

System reports

o Due rent report.

o Report on collection of rent by delegates.

o List of tenant contracts.

o Operating report for units.

o Maintenance report on units and buildings.

o Monthly and annual revenue report.

o The possibility of knowing which payments have not yet been earned as income.

System alerts

o An alert list of the number of vacant units.

o An alert list of the number of contracts to be renewed.

o A list of the number of maintenance requests that have not yet been completed.

o An alert list of the number of bookings related.

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